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Executive search

An estimated 80% of the workforce is not actively looking for a move at any given time. Consequently, if you engage the services of a contingent recruiter, you will only have access to about 20% of the market and the vast majority of those candidates will be proactively looking to leave their current role or not in employment at all.


What about all those high performers who are doing well where they are but might be open to an exploratory conversation about something potentially more interesting or career progressing?


Executive Search is fundamental to what we do. But we are not a traditional, stuffy search firm.


Our in-house research function is our engine room and where every search begins. They have the ability to map any market you wish to explore in any location in the world. When you engage Think Search, your talent pool will not be 20% of the market, it will be 100% of the market and include every single potential candidate who fits your brief, regardless of whether they are active or passive.


Our process is robust, comprehensive and inclusive. Our networks are diverse and well-established. We are highly tenacious in our pursuit of your perfect candidate.